Disposable gynecological set (3)

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Sterile gynecological disposable set - diaper, nitrile gloves - pair, socks, speculum, endocervical brush


Cat.: 4700738

Sterile gynecological kit

Packaging: Individually packed and 100 pcs. /carton/

The set includes:

Diaper made of non-woven fabric

Nitrile gloves /one set/ - size L


Vaginal speculum - size M

Endocervical brush

Disposable gynecological set (3)

A disposable gynecological set typically includes the following three items:

Speculum: A device used to hold open the vaginal walls during a gynecological exam to allow the healthcare provider to view the cervix and vaginal canal.

Endocervical brush or spatula: A tool used to collect cells from the endocervical canal, which is the opening between the cervix and the uterus.