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Nasal speculum, disposable for ENT

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Sterile nasal speculum for ENT

Cat.: 721101

Sterile /sterilized with ethylene oxide/

Packaging: Individually packed and 50 pcs. /carton/

Minimum quantity for delivery - 50 pcs.


  • Handles - 145 mm
  • Conical tip - 35 mm
  • Range of the solution - 20 mm

 REGULATION (EU) 2017/745

Nasal speculum, plastic, sterile

A nasal speculum is a medical device used to separate the nostrils in order to examine the inside of the nose more easily. It is commonly used in diagnostic procedures such as nasal endoscopy and in the administration of certain treatments, such as nasal irrigation. The device is typically made of plastic and comes in various sizes to accommodate different nasal anatomies.