Otoscope SIGMA 2.5 V, black color

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Otoscopes professional for ENT

  • Battery life with Led bulb is 6 times longer than regular ones.
  • Fiber optic lighting with super bright LED light
  • Insufflation port for pneumatic study of tympanic mobility
  • Convenient fabric pouch for storing the otoscope.
Професионален УНГ отоскоп

An otoscope is a medical device used by doctors and health professionals to examine the external auditory canal and the condition of the eardrum (tympanic membrane). It helps to diagnose and investigate various diseases of the ears.

The ENT otoscope is equipped with lenses and mechanisms that allow the otolaryngologist to view the ear with increased magnification and in detail. This helps to notice possible infections, blockages, the presence of inflammation, as well as the invasion of a foreign body into the ear apparatus.

Only trained medical personnel, pediatricians, nurses, or ENT specialists, should perform otoscopic examinations to ensure accurate interpretation of results and correct diagnosis.

The LED otoscopes of JS Medical Bulgaria are intended for professional use in the ENT practice. Lightweight, made of impact-resistant reinforced plastic.