Sanplast 5 cm./5 m., plaster classic and silk

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Medical plaster 5 cm./5 m.

  • Dimensions: 5 cm - width, 5 m - length
  • Breathable
  • Non-sterile
  • 6 pcs. package
Sanplast 5 cm./5 m., plaster classic and silk

Plaster is a patch used to attach various drains and catheters and to fix bandages, gauze and other dressing materials that should not be moved. JS Medical Bulgaria's Sanplast is strong, durable and can be removed painlessly from the patient's skin. It attaches to the skin with light pressure.

Sanppalst is available in two varieties "Classic" and "Silk".

The "Classic" patch is used in laboratory and medical practice to fix wounds, gauze and bandages on the skin.

Plaster "Silk" is hypoallergenic, specially designed for sensitive skin of babies, children and the elderly. The product is made on the basis of acetate silk. It is used for fixing wounds, gauze and changing bandages for fragile and allergy-prone skin.