Sterile spatula for smear, plastic, Disposable smear spatula,

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Disposable smear spatula, plastic

Cat.No.: 420301

  • Sterile
  • Single packed and 100 pcs. /package/
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Ендоцервикална шпатула

A sterile spatula for smear is a medical device used to collect a sample of material for microscopic examination. The term "sterile" indicates that the spatula has been processed to eliminate or reduce the presence of potentially harmful microorganisms. A plastic spatula for smear refers to a spatula that is made of plastic material, rather than metal or other materials. Plastic spatulas are commonly used in medical settings because they are lightweight, disposable, and relatively inexpensive. The spatula is used to collect a sample of material (such as cells or fluid) from a surface, which can then be spread onto a slide or other surface for examination under a microscope. It is important to use only sterile spatulas to minimize the risk of contamination of the sample.

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