Surgical Forceps

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Medical Forceps with Sharp Teeth – Surgical

  • For multiple uses
  • Made of medical-grade stainless steel
  • Available in various lengths


Хирургични пинсети

Surgical forceps  are essential instruments in the field of surgery and are used for precise manipulations during operations. Surgeons use this tool to grasp, hold, and manipulate small objects, tissues, or instruments. Here are some primary applications of surgical forceps with sharp teeth:


Usage in Surgery:

Surgical forceps are used in a wide range of surgical procedures, including:


Instrument Handling: They are used to pass instruments to and from the surgeon or medical staff.

Tissue Grasping: Surgeons use medical forceps to grasp and hold tissues such as skin, muscles, or blood vessels while performing manipulations or suturing.

Tissue Separation: Some types of surgical forceps are designed with special teeth or textured surfaces that can be used for separating tissues or blood vessels.

Foreign Object Retrieval: In some cases, they are used to extract foreign bodies or objects from the patient's body.