Thermal laminated rolls

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Medical sheet with foil, high quality - 58cm. x 50m OR 68cm. x 50 m

  • Color: White
  • Individually packed
  • 12 pcs. in a box
Медицински чаршаф с елит качество бял

Disposable sheets with polyethylene film, luxury quality, refers to disposable sheets made of a combination of paper and polyethylene film that are of a higher quality or superior standard compared to regular disposable sheets. The term "luxury quality" indicate that the sheets are made from higher-quality materials, have a more comfortable feel, or have improved features compared to regular disposable sheets. The polyethylene film provides a barrier against moisture and liquids, while the paper provides absorbency. These sheets are commonly used in medical facilities, food service settings, or other environments where the need for both absorbency and protection from moisture is present.