Transparent / contact / gel for photo - and laser epilation, 5 liters

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Contact gel for photo and laser hair removal


IPL gel - specialized thick gel for photo and laser hair removal


  • Completely soluble, does not stain clothes and does not damage electrical appliances and laser devices;
  • Unique hypoallergenic, antibacterial formula;
  • It contains more viscose, which makes it denser;
  • Color: Transparent

Контактен гел за лазерна епилация

Transparent or contact gel is a type of cosmetic product used in photo- and laser epilation procedures. This gel is applied to the skin before treatment to enhance the effectiveness of the procedure and to ensure comfort for the patient. The purpose of the transparent or contact gel is to improve the conductivity of the skin and to provide a layer of protection during the procedure. When applied to the skin, the gel helps to guide the laser or light energy to the hair follicles, which allows for more effective treatment. In addition, the gel helps to reduce friction between the skin and the treatment device, which can minimize discomfort and irritation during the procedure. Transparent or contact gel for photo- and laser epilation is typically made of a water-based or a silicone-based formula, and it is designed to be easily applied to the skin without leaving any residue. The gel is typically clear and non-sticky, and it is applied to the skin using a small amount on the fingertips or with a spatula.