Transport swab rayon tip plastic rod

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Sterile tampon with a plastic handle and a cotton tip in a tube.

Cat. No. 42102

 REGULATION (EU) 2017/745

  • Sterile
  • Individual packaging
  • With space for writing
  • Minimum order quantity - 10
  • Dimensions

    12 х 172 mm (length) 

    Length of tampon with stopper

    163 mm

    Expiry date

    5 years

    Quantity in a small package


    Number in a large package


Памучен тампон с пластмасова дръжка в епруветка /спекталета/

A cotton swab with a plastic handle in a tube, also known as a "spectalette" is a type of medical sample collection tool used to collect specimens for laboratory testing. The cotton tip of the swab is used to collect a sample from a specific area of the body, such as the throat, nasal cavity, or wound. The collected sample is then placed in the tube, which may contain a preservative solution to help maintain the integrity of the sample for transport and analysis. The plastic handle provides support for the swab and helps prevent contamination of the sample. Spectalettes are commonly used for collecting specimens for culture and sensitivity testing, or for the detection of infectious agents. The use of a sterile swab helps to reduce the risk of contamination of the collected sample.