Automatic tourniquet, medical with clasp for hemostasis, (40 cm.)

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Automatic medical esmarch, /tourniquet/


  • The length of the tape in the free state is 40.0 cm ± 1.0 cm.
  • Band width is 2.5 cm ± 0.1 cm.
  • Non-sterile
  • Individually wrapped

Автоматичен есмарх

An automatic tourniquet with a medical clasp for hemostasis is a device used to control bleeding from a wound on an extremity (such as an arm or leg). It typically consists of a band that is tightened around the limb with a mechanism to maintain the pressure, and a clasp to secure the band in place. The 40 cm size refers to the length of the band, which would typically be appropriate for an adult limb. The length can vary depending on the size of the patient, and it is important to choose the right size to ensure proper function and avoid injury.