Polyethylene Disposable Sleeves

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Protective disposable sleeves

  • Size: Universal
  • Material: Waterproof polyethylene
  • Color: Blue
  • Quantity per pack: 100 pcs. (50 pairs)
  • Quantity in a carton: 2000 pcs.
Polyethylene Disposable Sleeves

Protective disposable sleeves made of polyethylene, for single use. Equipped with tassels at both ends for a snug fit. Made of waterproof polyethylene - they do not allow liquid to penetrate the skin or clothes.

Disposable sleeves are intended to be used for hygienic purposes to protect the sleeves from contact with body fluids such as blood and urine or chemicals, grease and dirt.

Disposable sleeves are suitable for hospitals, outpatient clinics, medical centers, laboratories, food industry.