Stomach /nasoduodenal/ probe - length 1100 mm,

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Nasoduodenal tube with atraumatic distal end for probing the stomach and duodenum

 Cat.: 541114, 541116, 541118, 541120

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 REGULATION (EU) 2017/745

Стомашна сонда

Nasoduodenal tube with a length of 1100 mm, graduated. Nasogastric catheter - Levin is made from medically transparent polyvinyl chloride. Featuring a smooth surface and an atraumatic distal end with four openings.

Levin Catheters are individually sterile packaged. X-ray contrast thread along the entire length of the tube.


Intended for single-use in the probing of the stomach and duodenum for diagnostic purposes, as well as for enteral feeding.