Plastic forceps- 200 mm

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Disposable Forceps

Cat.: 180219

  • Sterile
  • Packaging: Individually packed and 100 pcs. /box/
  • Length - 200 mm
  • Made of medical grade non-toxic polystyrene
  • Minimum order quantity - 100 pcs.

 REGULATION (EU) 2017/745

Medical tweezers, pastic/sterile

Anatomical plastic green forceps are a type of medical or laboratory tool used for precision gripping and manipulating small objects. They are made of  medical plastic material and come in a green color. The term "anatomical" refers to the design of the forceps, which is specifically created to facilitate the handling of delicate biological samples or tissues during surgical procedures or laboratory experiments. The plastic material is preferred over metal because it reduces the risk of contamination or interference with delicate samples. These tweezers are widely used in a variety of scientific and medical fields, including anatomy, histology, pathology, and microbiology.