Sterile gauze compresses 8 diples, /5cm; 7.5cm; 10 cm./, 20 pcs.

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Gauze compress, sterile

  • 100% cotton, all natural
  • Whiteness is not less than 82%.
  • 8 threads, 8 dips
  • Individually wrapped
  • For cleaning wounds, for tamponade of wounds, for surgical interventions
  • Sterile
  • 20 pcs. individually wrapped gauzes in an envelope
Стерилен марлен компрес

Sterile gauze compresses are made of 100% cotton and have high absorbency. Sterile gauze compresses are intended for general treatment of wounds, they are especially suitable for primary treatment of contaminated, infected and highly sedated wounds. They are also used as gauzes and bandages in surgery or ambulatory practice. The clean opening of fiber-free packages ensures the safe presentation of sterile products. The easy-to-open pouch is carefully sealed to prevent contamination and to aid aseptic transfer of the gauze pads prior to use.