Adult incontinence diapers, disposable diapers

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Adult disposable diapers

  • Additional protection against moisture - protects the mattress, bed linen, wheelchair
  • Soft absorbent pulp core
  • Soft non-woven fabric on the upper surface - comfort in use
  • Outer case of non-slip waterproof polyethylene, protection against leakage when moving.
  • Ideal for changing nappies
  • Packaging: 30 pcs

 Adult incontinence diapers, disposable diapers 1

Adult incontinence diapers, also known as adult diapers or adult nappies, are designed for individuals who have incontinence, or the inability to control their bladder or bowel movements. These disposable diapers are typically larger and more absorbent than baby diapers and are designed to be worn by adults. Adult incontinence diapers come in a variety of sizes and absorbencies to meet the needs of different individuals. They typically have a soft, comfortable waistband and a flexible, absorbent core to provide maximum protection against leaks and ensure comfort. Some adult diapers also have additional features such as odor control, wetness indicators, and standing leg cuffs to enhance their performance and comfort.