Karman Vacuum Curette - Various Sizes

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Flexible Karman cannula

  • Sterile
  • Size: Various sizes
  • Packaging: Individually packed and 100 pcs. In a box
  • Carton: 1000 pcs.

Вакуум Кюрета на карман

A Karman Vacuum Curette is a medical device used in the field of gynecology. It is a type of curette, which is a surgical instrument used for scraping and removing tissue. The Karman Vacuum Curette is a specialized curette that is equipped with a vacuum mechanism, allowing it to suction and remove tissue during procedures such as dilation and curettage (D&C) or endometrial biopsy. The Karman Vacuum Curette consists of a slender, cylindrical shaft with a smooth, rounded end that is designed to be inserted into the uterus. The vacuum mechanism on the handle of the device is used to create suction and remove tissue. The collected tissue is then examined by a healthcare provider to diagnose or treat conditions such as abnormal bleeding, uterine fibroids, or endometrial cancer. The use of a Karman Vacuum Curette is typically performed by a trained healthcare provider in a clinical setting, such as a hospital or outpatient clinic. The procedure is usually performed under local or general anesthesia, depending on the nature of the procedure and the patient's preferences.