Powder-free pink nitrile gloves for single use 100 pcs.

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Disposable fuchsia nitrile gloves, powder free

  • Maximum touch sensitivity
  • High elasticity
  • Textured fingertips
  • Food contact certification
  • For single use
  • No latex
  • No powder
  • Non-sterile
Powder-free pink nitrile gloves for single use 100 pcs.

Pink nitrile gloves are designed for high-quality protective gloves, hospitals, medical centers, laboratories, cosmetic centers, laser aesthetic centers, dental clinics and spa centers. The package contains 100 pcs. fuchsia gloves.

Nitrile gloves in pink color are made of synthetic nitrile, which is extremely resistant. Nitrile gloves fuchsia color - powder-free are suitable for people with latex allergies. The colored nitrile gloves are designed to provide optimal protection against soiling of the hands during work.

The added benefit of these disposable nitrile gloves is the colorful fuchsia color, which is an elegant addition to any doctor's office or beauty salon. You're not just getting pink nitrite gloves, you're getting an accessory.