Brush for endocervical sampling, type Rumbrush - 100 pcs. /package/

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Sterile brush for gynecological examinations - standard

  •  Sterile
  •  Size: 19 cm
  •  Packaging: Individually packed and 100 pcs. /box/
  •  Minimum order quantity - 100 pcs

 REGULATION (EU) 2017/745

четка за цитонамазка стерилна
A sterile cytology brush, also known as a Rumbrush, is a medical device used for obtaining samples of cells or tissues for microscopic examination.  Rumbrush with fine, soft bristles that are used to gently collect cells from a surface endocervical. The collected cells are then transferred to a slide for staining and examination under a microscope. Rumbrushes are commonly used in gynecological procedures to obtain cervical cell samples for PAP tests. It is important to use a sterile brush to minimize the risk of contamination of the sample and ensure accurate test results.