Durico ULSTAR-1100HG Ultrasound Printer Paper

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Durico ULSTAR-1100HG ultrasound paper

  • Thermal paper material: Polypropylene
  • Thickness: 87 microns ± 5 microns
  • Thermal paper roll size: Width: 110 mm. ± 0.1mm., Length: 18 m. ± 0.1 m.
  • Whiteness: 88%
  • Gloss: 90%
  • Each roll is individually wrapped
  • 5 rolls in a box
  • 50 rolls in a carton

Do not store in direct sunlight!

Хартия за ехограф

Durico ULSTAR-1100HG thermal paper is made with high quality materials and provides excellent image resolution and contrast. It is of high quality to provide reliability and stability when printing ultrasound images. It is a basic consumable for ultrasound equipment in the practice of gynecologists, endocrinologists and gastroenterologists.

Key features of Durico ULSTAR-1100HG thermal paper include:

  • High resolution: Video printer paper provides clear and detailed high resolution images, which is essential for accurate diagnosis and interpretation of medical images.
  • High contrast: Images printed on Durico ULSTAR-1100HG ultrasound paper offer excellent contrast, helping medical personnel see even the finest details in images.
  • Thermal paper for video printers is designed to provide fast printing, which is essential in patient examinations where rapid diagnosis is required.
  • Long life: Durico ULSTAR-1100HG ultrasound printer paper is durable and provides a long life for printed images. This allows the storage of medical information for a long period of time.
  • In conclusion, Durico ULSTAR-1100HG High Gloss Thermal Paper is a reliable and high quality product designed to meet the specific requirements of medical professionals. With high resolution, excellent contrast, Durico ULSTAR-1100HG ultrasound paper is the ideal choice for creating clear and precise ultrasound images.