Dental bibs 80pcs/roll - blue

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Dental bib on a roll

  • Size: 60cm x 53cm
  • Color blue
  • Individually packed (contains 80 short bibs)
  • 9 pcs. in a box

Дентален лигавник на ролка син цвят

A dental bib is a type of disposable paper or cloth sheet used in dental procedures to protect clothing and clothing from saliva, blood, or other substances that may be generated during the procedure. Dental bibs are typically placed over the chest and draped over the patient's lap to provide a barrier between the patient's clothing and the dental work being performed. Dental bibs come in various sizes, colors, and materials, including paper and cloth, and are typically held in place with a neckband or ties. They are an essential item in dental settings, providing a convenient and efficient way to protect clothing and maintain a clean and hygienic environment during dental procedures.