Flocked swab for COVID sampling

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Viscous Swab for COVID Sampling

Length: Total length 176 mm, length of viscous tip - 22 mm

Packaging: Individually packed, 100 pcs. in a package

Carton: 20 packs of 100 units


Flocked тампон за вземане на COVID - проби

A flocked swab is a type of medical device used for collecting samples for COVID-19 testing. It is designed for use in the nasal cavity or throat and consists of a long, thin shaft with a soft, fluffy tip made of flocked fibers. The flocked fibers on the tip of the swab increase the surface area and enhance the sample collection efficiency compared to traditional cotton swabs. The flocked swab is used to collect a sample of mucus or other material from the respiratory tract, which is then tested for the presence of the virus that causes COVID-19. The sample is usually collected by inserting the swab into the nostril or the back of the throat and rotating it gently to collect a sample. The collected sample is then placed into a vial or container for transport and testing.