Transport swab rayon tip plastic rod with Amies medium, Sterile transport swab rayon tip plastic rod with Amies medium

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Sterile transport swab rayon tip plastic rod with Amies medium

Cat. No. 45103

 REGULATION (EU) 2017/745

Tube dimensions

diameter: 12 mm and length 172 mm

Length of tampon with stopper

165 mm

Height of the Amies gel in the tube

42 mm

Amount of Amies medium

10 ml

Expiry date

18 months

Product storage conditions

2 – 25  C

Storage temperature after sampling

from 2  C to 8  C

Quantity in a small package


Quantity per carton /large package/


 Amies Agar Gel Transport Swab

A transport swab with a rayon tip and a plastic rod in Amies medium is a type of medical sample collection tool used to collect specimens from the inside of the nasal cavity, throat, or other body sites. The rayon tip of the swab is used to gently collect a sample, which is then placed in the Amies transport medium, a type of preservative solution. The plastic rod provides support for the swab and helps prevent contamination of the sample. The swab and medium combination is commonly used for collecting specimens for culture and sensitivity testing, as the Amies medium helps to preserve the viability of the microorganisms in the sample during transport to the laboratory.