Nelaton catheter - female, urological, various sizes

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Urological catheter Nelaton, female, for short-term catheterization

  • Sterile
  • Length: 200 mm.
  • Packaging: Individually packed and 25 pcs. /box/
  • Minimum order quantity - 25 pcs

Женски уролигичен катетър- Нелатон

Nelaton catheter - female is catheter is primarily used for draining the urinary bladder and upper urinary tract.

The material of the catheter is of crucial importance, as the wrong type of material can lead to urethral inflammation, allergies, phlebitis, encrustation, and infection.

The use of the catheter should be as brief as possible to prevent infections caused by bacteria such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa and enterococci.

A Nelaton catheter female is used for short-term catheterization of the urinary bladder for women residual urine also drainage, or the administration of various medications (instillation) into the urinary bladder.

The distal end of the catheter is rounded and atraumatic, with two side openings.

Nelaton plastic catheters made of PVC medical grade sterile single use. Nelaton catheters with a length of 20 cm are used by women.