Medical Bio hazardous Waste Bags

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Flat bottom hazardous waste bags, package

  • Purpose: For hazardous waste
  • Number in package: 10 pcs.
  • Thickness: 40 microns
  • Material: LDPE
  • Volume: 80 l

They are not suitable for processing hazardous waste in an autoclave!

Medical Bio hazardous Waste Bags

Yellow bags for medical waste 80 liters. Intended for disposal of protective masks and general hospital medical waste. Hear about medical hazardous waste compacted so it has puncture resistance.

Hear about hazardous waste with a flat bottom that ensures strength and security during transport. The specialized bags intended for the disposal of biological and medical waste meet the requirements for color and printing. On each bag, there is an international symbol printed on it, warning of the dangers contained in the bag, which ensures proper and safe handling.