Infusion systems for solutions with three metal needles /150 cm/

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Infusion system for solutions with three metal needles

  • Hose length: 1500 mm
  • Luer Slip tip
  • Bleeding duct
  • Needle Size: 21 G x 1 1/2
  • Packaging: Individually packed and 25 pcs. package
  • Sterile
  • Minimum order quantity: 25 pcs
Систама за инфузионни разтвори

Infusion systems with three metal needles are medical devices used for delivering intravenous (IV) solutions, such as medications, fluids, and nutrients, directly into a patient's bloodstream. These systems typically consist of a bag or bottle of the IV solution, a tubing system, a pump, and a metal needle or set of needles.

The three metal needles in these systems are typically used to secure the IV bag or bottle to the patient's IV pole, and to allow for the fluid to be delivered into the patient's vein. The needles are usually made of stainless steel or other materials that are safe for use in medical procedures, and are designed to be sterile and disposable to help prevent the spread of infections.