Fetal monitor recording paper

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Fetal monitor paper

  • Different species
  • Non-sterile product
  • To be used only by trained medical personnel
Fetal monitor recording paper

Fetal monitor paper is a special type of paper used to record a baby's cardiotocogram (CTG) in the womb. It is a method of monitoring and evaluating fetal heart activity during pregnancy.

Fetal monitor recording paper is white and similar to regular EKG paper, but wider in width.

Different curves are reflected on the paper that represent the fetal heart contractions. These curves are formed by two main components - fetal heart rate (FHR) and uterine contractions (MHR).

The fetal heart rate is represented by a series of waves and peaks. These waves are noted on the paper, and their frequency and changes over time are essential for assessing the health of the fetus.

Uterine contractions are also reflected on the fetal monitor paper and may appear as an additional line or wave. It can be useful in assessing uterine contractions and coordination between fetal and uterine heart activity.

The fetal monitor paper is a very important consumable in obstetrics and helps the medical staff to monitor and evaluate the health of the fetus during pregnancy and delivery.

It provides the recorded data that can be analyzed and interpreted by the doctors in order to achieve optimal results and a safe delivery.