Chemical paper indicator for sterilizer /dry/ - 135 tests

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Paper indicator for dry sterilizer 165°C

  • To be stored at room temperature, in a dry and dark place.
  • 135 tests in a booklet
Химичен хартиен индикатор за стерилизатор /сух/ - 135 теста

Dry heat sterilization indicator strips at 165 degrees Celsius are used to monitor and confirm successful sterilization of instruments and equipment.

The booklet contains 135 tests. After use, the paper dry sterilizer indicator changes color from green to violet, indicating that sterilization parameters have been achieved.

These chemical hot air sterilization control paper indicators are an important tool for certifying the quality of sterilization. The paper indicator for 165°C

is used in various medical facilities such as hospitals, clinics, dental offices and others. With their help, medical staff can be sure that the instruments they use for procedures are disinfected and safe for patients.