Foerster Forceps 28 cm

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Gynecological abortion forceps 28 cm.

  • Material: Medical grade stainless steel
  • Autoclavable
  • Length: 24 cm.
Foerster Forceps 28 cm

An abortion forceps is a medical instrument that is used in vacuum abortion. It is a forceps-shaped instrument used to remove the fetus with its amniotic sac from the uterus.

In an abortion, the doctor inserts the instrument through the cervix and uses it to grasp and remove the fetus from the womb. Different sizes of foerster forceps are usually used to adapt to the size of the uterus and the gestational age of the fetus.

Abortion forceps can be used alone in a vacuum abortion procedure where negative pressure is applied to remove the fetus. Also, the abortion forceps can be used in combination with other instruments or methods to perform an abortion, such as curettage or medical abortion.

It is important to note that the procedure is performed by obstetricians and gynecologists in specialized clinics or hospitals. The correct and safe use of an abortion device requires specialized medical training and following protocols and procedures to ensure the safety of the woman and the effectiveness of the procedure.

Foerster Forceps can also be used to remove endometrial polyps. Diagnosed polyps, whether the patient complains about them or not, in most cases need to be removed. When the endometrial polyp is on the leg, its removal becomes possible with the help of a curette and abortion forceps.