PE disposable shoe covers 1000 pcs.

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Disposable non-slip shoe covers

  • Color: Blue
  • Non-sterile
  • Waterproof
  • With elastic for a good fit
  • Durable
  • Size: Women's only
  • Packaging: 1000 pcs.

Калцуни 1000 бр.
PE disposable shoe covers, are available in packs of 1000 pieces. These shoe covers are made from polyethylene plastic with a material thickness of 20 microns.

PE disposable shoe covers, composed of 20-micron polyethylene, provide an economical solution for maintaining hygiene and protecting footwear. They are suitable for various applications, such as healthcare facilities, laboratories, and cleanrooms, preventing the transfer of contaminants from shoes to clean areas.
In summary, disposable non-slip shoe covers offer versatile and reliable solutions for cleanliness and safety in a wide range of applications.