Еpisiotomy scissors

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Braun-Stadler episiotomy scissors

  • Made of medical grade stainless steel
  • Suitable for sterilization in an autoclave
  • Three different sizes
Ножици за епизиотомия

Episiotomy is a surgical procedure in which it is necessary to expand the soft birth canal at its exit, in such cases episiotomy scissors are used, the tips of which are slightly curved. Episiotomy is performed most often in the second phase of labor in the presence of difficulty for the passage of the fetus through the natural birth canal. Using the episiotomy scissors, a small incision is made in the perineum area /between the vaginal opening and the anus/. It is preferable to make an incision before the tissue tears spontaneously.

Episiotomy scissors come into use when the baby's head has stretched the vaginal opening to several centimeters. Then the obstetrician-gynecologist proceeds to make an incision in the perineum.

Episiotomy scissors are intended for use by obstetrician-gynecologists and midwives who are specially trained in the use and care of these instruments. Improper use, poor or improper maintenance can quickly cause the quality of the tools to deteriorate.

Instruments should always be cleaned before sterilization.

Always follow the instructions for use.