Sterile flexible disposable hysterometer

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Disposable hysterometer, sterile

  • Sterile
  • Various sizes in diameter
  • Length 30 cm.
  • Quantity per pack - 25 pcs.
Еднократен хистерометър

The hysterometer is a single-use gynecological instrument that allows probing the uterine cavity to determine its size and shape. Most often, hysterometry is performed when inserting intrauterine contraceptives /coil/, before trial abrasion or abortion. By probing the uterus with a hysterometer, pathological congenital anomalies such as a unicornuate uterus, stenosis of the unicervical canal or septum are also diagnosed.

The disposable hysterometer is graduated, a feature that makes it ideal for measuring the depth of the uterine cavity.

Disposable hysterometers are available in various diameters in individual sterile packaging.