ECG recording paper

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ECG recording paper

  • Different species
  • Non-sterile product
  • To be used only by trained medical personnel
ECG recording paper 1

ECG paper is an essential tool for recording an electrocardiogram (ECG), which is used to assess the heart's activity and detect any abnormalities.

ECG paper is usually white and has black lines that run horizontally and vertically across its surface. The horizontal lines represent time, while the vertical lines represent voltage.

Various curves and waves are noted on the ECG recording paper, which reflect the activity of the heart.

During the recording of the ECG, the recording paper for the ECG is continuously rotated and the heart signals are recorded on it by a special electrocardiograph. This instrument translates electrical impulses from the heart into analog signals that are transmitted to paper using a pen or thermal printer.

The distance between the horizontal lines on the recording paper represents time, and the height of the waves is used to measure voltage. For more precise measurement, the paper usually has scale lines and digital markers to help medical staff interpret the results more easily and accurately.

ECG paper plays an important role in the diagnosis of heart disease and allows doctors to analyze the electrical activity of the heart.