Indicator paper for autoclave 134 degrees

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Sterilization indicator paper, book of 270 tests

  • Type of sterilization: Steam and dry sterilization
  • Non-sterile
  • Packaging: 270 pcs. the test

Хартия за автоклав

Indicator paper for autoclave 134 degrees is a type of sterilization indicator that is used to monitor the sterilization process in an autoclave. Autoclaves are high-pressure steam sterilizers commonly used in healthcare settings to sterilize instruments and equipment. The indicator paper is placed inside the autoclave with the items to be sterilized and changes color when exposed to the required conditions of temperature, time, and pressure. By using indicator paper, healthcare providers can be confident that the instruments and equipment have been properly sterilized and are safe for use. It is important to use indicator paper that is specifically designed for the autoclave being used, as different models may require different temperatures and times for effective sterilization.